Learning to Drive

Once you've decided that you want the freedom that driving can give you, you'll want to know a little about the process and what's involved.

Before you can begin learning to drive you will need to have applied for and received a provisional licence from the DVLA. Then you will be able to start out on the road to obtaining your full UK driving licence.

Driving to a good and safe standard isn't easy. It requires hard work, commitment and effort, but if you can bring those qualities to your lessons, we can help you to become a safe confident driver in as short a period as possible.

In order to obtain your full driving licence, you need to take and pass two tests. Firstly the theory test which is made up of two parts, a multiple choice test and a Hazard Perception test which is designed to improve and test your anticipation skills. I would recommend that you start to study for the theory test as you begin your lessons.

Then there is the practical driving test. I'm sure you've heard plenty of stories from friends who've taken their test but I can assure you that as long as you prepare well, with our help, the test is nothing to fear. Having said that, you wouldn't be normal if you didn't get a few butterflies! Being prepared is the key to a successful test outcome.

People often ask how many lessons they will need to pass their test and the honest answer is that I don't know! It's such an individual thing and I have had pupils pass with 18 lessons and some with 50 or more. As an average, I would say somewhere in the region of 40 hours is realistic, especially if you are able to practice privately as well.

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